"Hasta la Victoria Siempre. ¡VENCEREMOS!"

yesterday my ex texted me happy birthday and i replied saying thanks but then he said “one more year till i can have a good time with you” i said “no” and he was like “i will go all home run with you” and i said “never” and he asked why and i said i didnt want to and he said why and i said stop, then he sent me

"im sorry"

"happy birthday i miss you"


"i hope you had a great birthday"

"sorry for being an ass"

what gives him the impression we can still talk like that if i kicked him to the curb months ago. it didnt ruin my day of course its just annoying, i really dont want him in my life. im over it , but shit i aint got time for niggas like him.

and plus he was the one who broke up with me. 

3 years ago! lol

1 year ago | 01:52pm
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