"Hasta la Victoria Siempre. ¡VENCEREMOS!"

being bfs and moving in are 2 different thingssss fuck.


i died but i resusitated to say the least.

i weigh 130lbs now. 

but its all good. i really dont know what else to say just that i realized not all that glitters is gold. shits been really tough and i have gone through days without eating because of love.

glad to say im coming back to cali soon


John William Godward,A Congenial Task (Detail) 1915.


children in middle eastern countries are being killed in front of their parents eyes, black children get shot for no real reason and we still have white people on tumblr talking about how white children are ‘oppressed’ because their school doesnt allow them to wear some specific kind of printed shirt

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Anonymous: All selena had was pretty pictures so shut up.

okay what does this have to o with me tho

Anonymous: Love ain't like that bb. It doesn't seem safe. Be aware and safe sweety.

no yo lo quiero

Anonymous: Girl dame la receta que estas bien flaca


Anonymous: Damn you're hella skinny!

why are yall telling me this what picture did i post

Anonymous: You're really skinny. You're very lucky

i dropped 3 sizes in 2 months but im in Puebla rn and my aunts mother law giza pero re bueno and i feel like im gaining it back again lol

Anonymous: So can I ask u something....I dont know u but I just need an opinion

yeah whats up

Anonymous: mujer estas bien?? plz let me know ur still alive and hopefully well ;)

things are hard but itsd ok

not to toot my own horn but to be honest i almost caused 2 car accidents yesterday.
i looked Hella fine. both of those times a car stopped trying to get at me but they stopped all of a sudden so one almost got hit by a truck and the other by a bus B(
all the while i was looking for this market so i could buy herbs andthis cute ass foo on a motorcycle offered me a ride there but obviously nah i could die. and this other man told me how to get there and he’ll take me there but i told him that it’s far enough when it was getting really solitary.
I’m still alive.
yoo and seriously like once i got there all the men were just looking at me and the Sellers were all trying to give me a piece of their fruit i took a piece of pineapple bc i was hungry. i found one ofmy herbs but not the other one and this guy ran to his house to try to get me some but he didn’t have any. but i found some :) and the lady sold me what she had left for 5 pesos.
on my way back some disgusting old man while passing me by murmured “estas bien rica, bien buena chiquitita”
i also bought carnations o claveles color rosa mexicano and these construction guys were like “mira la muchacha, esta igual de hermosa que la flores que trae”
and later i did the mistake of smiling at a guy on a bike and gee was like “ay que bonita estas”
not to mention the cars that honked and cat called me while heading back home.
then this lady me hizo una limpia and i had a lot of envy y me salio el ojo and the egg said someone is trying to dominate me (my bf).
all is good now though

yesterday was alright i guess.
i cooked and i cried. and i prayed to san Judas to make things better between me and Eladio

last night i got bit by a spider and my boyfriend sucked the stuff out.
still praising San Judas, he always comes through.
we are good again but idk what’s going to happen by the end of this week

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